baby Elan {daily}

“Adorable! A style that has survived generations, little ones in overalls! But let’s get past just jean and move on to sweet little designs fit for boys and girls! An Etsy treasure for this ideal and classic casual wear!

Overall Baby takes overalls to a whole new level, from bees to tools, flowers to fruit, pink and girlie, brown and boyish, or gender neutral, let’s rough and tumble at the park or pose pretty for our next photo shoot, these pieces will add a versatile appeal to your wee ones wardrobe!

Perfect pumpkin picking attire for this month! Paired with long sleeve or short sleeve, Overall Baby’s collection fits for any season and think of what a unique gift these would be! Sure sure, kids don’t get excited about clothes anymore but when it’s different and flashing with design from head to toe, they definitely take an interest!”