The Giggle Guide

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Overall Baby as featured on The Giggle Guide. Title: “Overall Baby Overhauls a Wardrobe Classic”.

“Bubbly children sporting bright, brilliant colors and dazzling fabrics are like rays of sunshine, generating energy and contagious, electrifying smiles. No one knows this chain reaction better than Brooklyn-based children’s apparel designer, Jenny Kim, who loves to mix and match colorful fabrics and prints in her fashion makeover of overalls for infants and toddlers. Her spirited Overall Baby crackles with snappy style and overall originality!

Jenny Kim’s vast experience working at a children’s company, coupled with her 20/20 eye for design, were a perfect combination to assure the national and international success of her one-of-a-kinda amazing overalls. Kim was always a bit over-the-moon about overalls and how comfortably durable they are, even during an active day of rough and tumble play. However, she also knew that traditional overalls, in “done-that” denim longed for a complete overhaul.”

Overall Baby has got it all goin’ on with bright colors and funky-fun fabrics, combined with the traditional comfort and long-lasting durability of dungarees. Handmade overalls and shortalls are available in a variety of vibrant themes.